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Personal Insurances

Car Insurance

Covers expenses for any material damage that your car may suffer plus civil liability.


This collision coverage product was developed for those who circulate less than 12.000 km per year at a more convenient cost.


Covers loss, theft, and fire to your car as well as expenses that you could be liable for i.e. car and property damage, body injury including death


Loss due to fire of your car as well as expenses that you could be liable for i.e. car and property damage, body injury including death


Covers expenses that you could be liable for i.e. car and property damage, body injury including death

  • SOA (Mandatory Car Insurance)

It is an insurance created by Law No 18.412 mandatory for all motor and towed vehicles. It has a coverage of USD 27.500 (current exchange rate to date) for personal injuries or death caused to a third party in a car accident. It is important to keep in mind that the SOA only covers personal damages i.e. damage to another vehicle is not covered.
The SOA is considered as a basic personal civil liability coverage and the first step to contract a higher coverage. Many insurance companies offer full civil liability coverage at affordable costs.


Homeowner’s Insurance

Coverage for damages caused to the building and contents by fire, HTT (weather), lightning strikes, vehicle ramming, aircraft precipitation, electric discharges, theft and civil liability.

SIC (Comprehensive Insurance for Co-owners)

This insurance is designed for co-owners in residential buildings and covers, in addition to fire, weather HTT (weather), lightning strikes, vehicle ramming, aircraft precipitation; broken windows and civil liability claims that may arise from injuries or damages to third parties. Also includes coverage for civil liability in any event occurred in or by the elevators.

Pleasure and Commercial Vessels

Covers damage to the vessel on land, in transport, afloat and civil liability with two types of policies:
(a) All risks, partial damage, and liability.
(b) All risks, total loss, and liability.
Commercial vessels are quoted separately

Life Insurance and Savings

Provides compensation to the family or beneficiary in the event of the insured’s death. Any family will be impacted by the lack of income generated by the death of the breadwinner or one of them; the absence of a mother may imply the hiring of a person to take care of the house and children. This policy provides financial relief while the family adjusts to the new situation.
In addition to life coverage, this insurance can include a savings capital that can be withdrawn within the term agreed in the policy.

Retirement Insurance

It is an interesting option to supplement retirement income or a form of savings to access it in the term contracted in the policy.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Guarantees and covers the landlord in case of non-payment of rent by the tenant, damages to the property, non-payment of damages to the property, water, electric power and gas, sewage, and city council taxes.
It also includes home assistance in case of emergencies such as broken pipes, locks.

Travelers Insurance

Covers medical assistance needed while traveling abroad.
There are two basic types of coverage.
(a)       Per trip
(b)       Several trips during the year


Total loss due to theft, accidental damage, civil liability to third parties for personal injury and/or property damage. Personal accidents of the rider up to US$ 10.000 in case of death or total and permanent disability.

Pieces of Art

All risks "nail to nail" include the following:  coverage during transportation from one point to another, packing, unpacking, handling, customs, restoration rooms, permanent exhibitions, or short periods of time.

Jet Skis

Damage that may occur during use or ground transportation resulting in total loss, theft and civil liability while.


Cost of pet care in the event of an unforeseen event and civil liability for damages caused by the pet.


Covers expenses for material damage to the insured motorcycle plus civil liability.


Covers theft, fire to the insured motorcycle and civil liability.



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